Privacy Policy


Privacy policies are required by law for any web site that collects personal information. Which laws apply depend on where the user is, and possibly other factors. This is an attempt in good faith both to comply with applicable laws and to give simple direct answers to questions you may have about how we handle your data. If questions remain, feel free to contact us. We may change this policy from time to time, and will notify users of changes that are significant.

Our Income Model

Running VCPR.ORG costs money, and while support in the past (and for some time in the future) is from grants from the USDA, that money will run out. We need to plan for generating income. This could be from subscription fees or various other possible income sources, including selling data. Selling personal data would be very bad choice, and we will not do that in any way. If you are a veterinarian, in many states you could lose your license for revealing private information from your clients. We will not sell your private data to anyone, or data about your clients.

Aggregated anonymous data is a little different. We can imagine future possibilities like collecting information on efficacy of particular drugs or protocols, and selling that data in anonymized form to private companies or government agencies. Not now though. Before making any such move we promise to discuss it openly with our users, and give ample notice including the opportunity to opt-out. We do not sell data to anyone.

Our Privacy Model

If you enter data into any of the web pages we control, it remains your data. Please note that system administrators can read it and you can elect to share it with other users if you choose.

What you enter while logged in to your account is private, unless you choose to share it with others. For example protocols that you do not share are private. If you post a message on the forum, that is not private because it is obvious that the purpose of posting is to share what you write with other users.

What we learn from how you use the system is not private, as long as there is no way to identify individual users or their clients. We don’t sell this information, but might release it in various ways, for example to brag about how well the system works, or ask for help in making improvements.

User Types - VOR and MOR

Our primary focus is the needs of veterinarians, whom we refer to as VOR users. "VOR" is for "Veterinarian Of Record" which is a term the FDA uses when investigating a problem related to animal drugs. We're trying to prevent such problems. To get a VOR account at VCPR.ORG, you must be a veterinarian or soon-to-be veterinarians enrolled in an accredited vet school. VOR users may design and share treatment protocols, and prescribe them for their clients. MOR (Manager Of Record) accounts are available to clients of VOR users. A MOR user may be in a CLIENT relationship with one or more VOR users. MORs cannot create or share protocols and do not have access to the Protocol Editor™ app. When a protocol is prescribed by a VOR to a MOR, that protocol is available to the MOR until it expires or the VOR withdraws the prescription. The OnFarm™; app is available to MOR users for managing prescriptions, including enrolling cases. Other User account types have other privileges, such as LOR accounts that allow "Librarian" users to edit the drug database and TOR accounts that allow a "Technician" users to see farm data but only enroll cases with the permission of the MOR.

Disclaimer to VOR users

We take reasonable precautions to insure that VOR accounts are only granted to properly licensed veterinarians. We assume the VOR designing or prescribing protocols is a doctor. It is not our responsibility to oversee your work or second-guess your medical knowledge. Use this site at your own risk. Any information presented here should be confirmed by your own knowledge and training, and checked against other sources if there is any doubt.

We will try to help you make good and well-informed decisons wherever we can. We cannot and do not guarantee anything beyond a good-faith attempt to assist you, a veterinarian, to do your job well. Responsibility for a protocol is on the doctor who prescribes it.

Disclaimer to MOR users

VCPR.ORG does not control the content of protocols that may be prescribed for you. All medical responsibility for a protocol is on the VOR who prescribes it. Please contact the prescribing doctor for any questions or problems about protcol content. We will be happy to try to help with software problems related to the OnFarm™ app


VCPR.ORG is owned and managed by DairySight LLC, which is wholly owned by Jim Ehrlich, DVM. As most veterinarians will be aware, an LLC is a simple and inexpensive way to get partial protection from certain legal disasters.